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Consulting & Advisory

Delivering Purpose & Impact

Our Consulting and Advisory service has been developed to deliver purposeful and impactful results to our clients. We preempt the issues that hinder success such as prices being incorrectly set, costs increasing, a lack of tax planning, a failure to take advantage of available tax reliefs, reactive monitoring.

Your Strategic Partner

Our relationship with our clients is not limited to just accountants, but trusted advisers strategic partners, using a technologically advanced approach. Our business advisers are available to you on a short or long-term basis – designed to be there when you need them, and typically for between one and three days a month, along with regular ongoing support via telephone, video, and email.

Join the Innovators

Within the next 10 years, we anticipate a growing number of nontraditional businesses. Square Mile is focused on these businesses and are adept at handling the specific financial consulting and advisory such businesses require. The new entrepreneur needs a higher level of insight for establishing successful operational, financial, and regulatory processes. We can add value beyond debits and credits to support new businesses in many facets of their operations.

Growth Planning

Based on your business and industry, we will develop an agile growth plan. Our goal will be to start with where you are right now, where you want to go, and how you will get there. Proactive management is replaced by reactive coping through consistently monitoring performance and adjusting plans accordingly.

  • Establish and implement long-term strategic goals
  • Set concrete operational objectives
  • Planning and managing growth
  • How can growth be financed?
  • Funding sources
  • Cashflow planning for the growth

Investment Modelling

Investment modelling provides reliable and understandable information about the future of your business. Our investment modelling can forecast your likely return on investment and help you understand the impact of decisions before you make them. Many businesses are unaware of what investors are looking for and so miss out on vital investments because they’re unprepared. We’ll present the information to you in an intuitive, clear way so that you are able to make decisions.

  • Business valuation
  • Scenario planning and decision making
  • Capital budgeting
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Project finance


KPIs don’t begin and end at turnover, return and profit. Rather, they tell the story of your business. Square Mile will help you to identify, measure and manage the Key Performance Indicators which are not simply generated from your management accounts. Monitoring and controlling the performance of your business is of utmost importance and regular management information is crucial to your business success. By boiling your business down to a handful of objective numbers, you can get an accurate sense of the health of your business.

In other words, get rid of all the feelings, personalities, opinions, and egos and focus on objective numbers that give you a real sense of where your business stands.

  • Find out what drives your business objectives
  • Identify the data sources and processes needed to support KPIs
  • Visualise the data live to understand the big picture
  • Develop a management team capable of interpreting and taking action

Exit Strategy/Value Maximisation

Aiming to maximize the value of your business will not only increase the value of the company when it comes time to sell it, but it will also make it more appealing to prospective buyers – even if a sale is not imminent.

  • Our goal is to engage early on (12 -18 months in advance), so that we can control the key drivers in a way that maximizes business value for funding or exit
  • We help you to understand the value of your business
  • Our team walks you through the key negotiation points and prepares you
  • We assist you when negotiating with a buyer or seller

A fresh perspective and key insights into your industry. Take the right steps every time.

By analysing your key metrics and key performance indicators, we can determine your performance compared to targets and benchmark it against other businesses in your sector. Benefit from the experience of Square Mile’s seasoned professionals.

Frameworks provide high-performance workspace that’s both cost-effective and design-led. They believe that businesses should save money on workspace and spend money investing in their growth.

“We started working with Square Mile as a very early stage start-up, where their high-contact and personal approach was perfect. Since then, having grown up and matured as a business, their service has adapted brilliantly to everything we’ve thrown at them. I would recommend Square Mile to any Founders looking for an accounting firm to grow and build a lasting relationship with.”

Max Jezierski

Founder of Frameworks

Nayms is an insurance marketplace, utilising smart contracts to code the rules of how insurance can be placed, traded, claimed and settled. Nayms allows cryptocurrency investors to reinsure crypto-risk.

“At Nayms we operate in an emerging space, with many uncertainties that haven’t been figured out to date. This leads to extra challenges not just in our technical and commercial efforts but across operations such as legal, regulatory, and accounting. By working with Square Mile Accounting we have been able to eliminate this last challenge completely. They have provided the perfect service, from taking care of day-to-day tasks effortlessly, to venturing into unknown territory with the problem solving mentality that is required to be successful. Thank you Square Mile.”

Dan Roberts

Founder of Nayms

Meet your crypto Consultants and Advisors


David Gormer

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Operations Director

Tania Bennett

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Head of Tax

Claudia Sheena

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Finance Business Partner

Anna Skrzypczak

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