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Founders of startups need full financial support, since they are focused on growing their company and cannot manage all aspects of it simultaneously. Having well-controlled financial insight is essential for entrepreneurs, and we understand these challenges all too well. A quick decision-making capability based on accurate financial information is not just nice to have, it’s essential. We help UK startups, tech disruptors, fintech innovators and media agencies establish the foundations and processes they need to make the right decisions.

There are a number of shortcuts that a fast-moving startup can fall into, but our experience will help founders avoid the biggest pitfalls and keep their business on track – because a scalable business needs solid foundations for growth, structure, KPIs and financial planning.

We help business owners avoid the biggest pitfalls and keep their business on track by providing accurate information as quickly as possible. The simple cloud accountant or a traditional outsourced accountant would fall short of the expectations of ambitious founders. Neither would be aligned with your strategy, and neither would be as responsive and collaborative as an ambitious founder needs. High-growth startups need quick reporting and accurate insight in real-time.

With our intelligent finance function, startups can expect to:

Have greater control over finances

→ A greater sense of control
→ A clear roadmap for the business
→ Filings and compliance are completed correctly and on time

Become more profitable

→ Improved performance
→ Deeper, accurate insights

Be prepared for the future

→ Lender and stakeholder credibility
→ A higher business valuation
→ Peace of mind

Benefit from the best finance tech stack

→ Automation of resource-heavy tasks
→ Track your KPIs and plan confidently
→ Make meaningful use of your data

Are you…

Treading water?
Practicing fire drills?

Challenges are everywhere, and businesses, especially busy founders, are no exception to the myriad challenges. While there are new beginnings, there are also exits, thousands of startups exit each year due to the pain points they are challenged with. Endless market research, late nights, more than one launch, bottomless coffee pots, and a grueling seed round have led to this. In their startup journey, many founders realise the learning process is continually changing as it reaches new stages.

How do we do this?


  • Understand your business and processes
  • Introduce apps and technology to manual processes
  • Design process for your business
  • Train you on how to keep things in check


  • Understand goals
  • Set business roadmap
  • Set KPIs and metrics to track


  • Measure process towards goals
  • Plan for different scenarios
  • Assess funding options for growth
  • Regular meetings for coaching and advice

Intelligent Finance Support

Square Mile helps founders to develop the traits of a business that can control its own money and master its spending. We give the support of an entire accounting department so our clients can be more agile, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. As a virtual FD we provide a shoulder to lean on and someone to help drive the business forward. Startups have flexible options to choose the support they need, when they need it: the power of C-suite support paired with the technical expertise of a regulated accounting firm will allow your business to achieve far greater results than with a traditional cloud accountant. You get a deeper understanding of your business model and strategy, accurate reporting, and board-level support.

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About Square Mile
We combine technology and innovation to help our clients transform and grow. We help a wide range of clients all over the UK to solve their most challenging problems, from start-ups to multinationals. Square Mile was shortlisted at the British Accountancy Awards way back in 2016 already, for “Most Innovative Practice”. Square Mile is backed by the expertise of David Gormer, who founded the firm after many years at Deloitte, Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch.


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