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The 3 T’s of effectively introducing disruptive tech to your business.

It is fair to say that disruptive tech has knocked us off our seat with its capability to change how businesses operate. It has created unfamiliar competition, which has consequently led to business model alterations. Nevertheless, new technology is the key to effective business growth. Disruptive tech is simply new technology that has the capabilities to succeed and replace another piece of technology. Examples include ride-sharing services, 3D printers and virtual reality. Due to SMEs ability to adapt, they can then react quickly to new technology and become disruptors themselves. But before you go ahead and adopt these changes, you will need to discuss the idea with your team.

A large part of introducing new technology to your business is ensuring employees embrace any changes to the workplace. If they do not, you will run the risk of demotivating your staff. Introducing new tech will disrupt their regular routines, which pushes employees outside of their comfort zone. Therefore, you need to make it a priority to ensure that your employees completely buy-in to the new technology. This will help ensure that your business maintains its competitive edge.

Here are the 3 T’s to manage the change effectively:


Start by discussing your thought process about introducing new technologies with your employees from the very beginning. Your employees will appreciate being kept in the loop about your business decisions. This will enhance the likelihood of generating a more positive reception and implementation of the new technology.

Explain the benefits and importance of the change and compliance, as well as being open about the potential disruption. This needs to be communicated positively and reassuringly to prevent employees from having unnecessary concerns about their role.

The next step in this process will be to encourage any feedback from your employees. This will further assist the transition and help manage any resistance to change. Furthermore, collating any constructive feedback during this process will enable you to make changes that were not originally recognized.


Commence your disruptive tech journey on a smaller scale. Begin with a small pilot scheme with your carefully selected employees in one part of your business. Motivate your employees by celebrating their efforts, which will raise employee engagement and promote confidence.

The change will eventually lead to positive outcomes, employees are more likely to be motivated. Once the change has been successfully implemented, you can then proceed to expand across to other departments.


Training your employees is a large part of how well the disruptive tech is acquired by your employees. You will need to devise comprehensive training programmes for each team and/ or role and ensure resources are readily available. Moreover, in order for training to reach each employee, you will need to customise the training you provide.

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